Producing speciality papers to perfection is our passion.

We offer sustainable and innovative solutions for various applications.

Our paper is produced with many years of experience and convincing with the highest quality.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – we are looking forward to advise you and find the best paper for your purpose.


Protection of resources- with maximum application possibilities.

filtering, separating, stretchable and soft. The multifunctional all-rounder crepe is as versatile as our customers’ products. Whether in the food, medical or technical sector. Your creative demand, our crepe paper. We are always open to modifying challenges.


Transparency and design without plastic

wafer-thin, stable and tear resistant. With its gloss and transparency, glassine paper combines elegant design and functionality. Thanks to its natural grease proofness and neutral odour and taste, it is ideally suited for innovative applications of all kinds, without any chemical additives.