Here, in the green valley by the river, we create many different kinds of finest special papers.
They are food-safe, recyclable und compostable.
Maybe you’ve already used GRÜNPERGA paper yourself today? As transparent windows on envelopes.
As cap seals for breakfast spread.
As filters for your fresh coffee, bakery bags, food wrap and packaging for chocolates; around new shoes, as eyeglass cleaners and childproof medicine packages. It’s everywhere. You’ve gotten used to it without even noticing. Enjoy it a little bit more.

Korbfilter von Grünperga

Sometimes, we don’t even know what we are doing right. Our customers tell us:

- Into the microwave? Ideally with Grünperga crepe paper

- Recycle deep-frying oil. After frying, pour the used oil through a sieve lined with crepe paper.