We at Grünperga create and produce finest special papers. They are made of renewable raw materials, food-safe, recyclable, and compostable. And it is highly probable that you have held some paper made by Grünperga in your hands before; as a cap seal in a glass of chocolate spread, as a filter for your coffee, as a baker’s bag, in a box of chocolates, as a wipe for your glasses, or as a child protection in medical packages.

It’s everywhere – enjoy it!


We received the Nordic Swan ecolabel for it in September.

The company GRÜNPERGA Papier GmbH processes fresh fibre from sustainable forest management and timber production and produces high-quality speciality papers out of it – from ultra-thin to super-tense crêpe papers. For 130 years now! A treasure of decades of technical experience and state-of-the-art technologies make paper a material in increasing demand due to the credo prevailing in economy and society: Paper instead of plastic – for the sake of the environment. Our company is willing to conquer the bread shelves in the supermarkets with a “freshly thought” product.

Read more:  www.erzgebirge-gedachtgemacht.de/wirtschaft/papier-statt-plastik/

A science- and technology-oriented training in a paper factory is a real basis for life.

We are always happy about applications by girls and boys!