You can look forward to making personal contact with GRÜNPERGA’s employees. Thanks to our streamlined administration and short paths, you will receive feedback very quickly. Enjoy our very customer-oriented, open and friendly way of working. Meeting deadlines and quality standards – You will receive your goods on the dot, in a series of timed batches upon request – fully documented, certified, customized and packaged for shipping. We hold a variety of certifications for the individual paper quality levels, according to the usage characteristics.
The ordering process includes a complete paper service package with:

- order confirmation and updates about the status of your order

- shipping, customs and warehouse management

- traceable computer documentation for each work step

We have a few things in common with our paper: We’re honest, natural and open to new things. Rest assured: We won’t be satisfied until you are too. We are committed to meeting deadlines and quality standards.

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Excited about new ideas? Weary of the ever-present plastic flood? Sustainability as a purchase decision?
Please ask us, the paper makers and developers, if you are looking for new applications or materials. We offer exciting variations, even within our existing product range, in terms of stability, appearance and running performance. GRÜNPERGA is continuously optimising its paper for the up-to-date requirements of a quickly changing market.
Please share your ideas and requirements with us:
Sales Department, phone +49 37294 18215, mail

Paper is a constant in the cycle of a healthy lifestyle – whereas plastic takes 300 years to degrade. Awareness of our environment is an increasingly important issue. The world needs environmentally friendly materials. GRÜNPERGA can deliver.



ISO9001 and HACCP

Quality and hygiene management

Customers need paper of a consistent quality, which can be processed easily. Often it is intended for direct contact with food. GRÜNPERGA supplies the specification to all aspects of production – ranging from the choice of raw material and manufacturing conditions to packaging. GRÜNPERGA ensures a high degree of product safety and process transparency.

ISO14001 und ISO50001

Environmental and energy management

The environment is the world we live in and must be protected. As a paper manufacturer, GRÜNPERGA is aware of its responsibility for an environmentally friendly form of economic activity and is certified to the requirements of ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. This is why our environmental goals go far beyond mere compliance with statutory provisions and approvals. With us, the key issue is protecting resources in terms of energy and water consumption and the choice of raw materials.

forest management

Responsible Forest Management

GRÜNPERGA paper is mostly intended for direct contact with food. This is why it is only made of virgin wood fibre. The wood we use for our paper stems exclusively from certified and controlled forestry. With its chain of custody certification according to the standards of the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) and PEFCTM (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), GRÜNPERGA Papier GmbH contributes to forests being managed in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Compostability according requirements of EN13432

Our Grease-Proof Paper, Crepe Paper and Glassine (except colored qualities) meet the requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation.

Photographic Activity Test (P.A.T.) according to ISO 18916

Glassine from GRÜNPERGA may be used to archive photographic materials. It accomplishes the requirements of ISO 18916 "Imaging materials - Processed imaging materials - Photographic activity test for enclosure materials".



Certificates of glassine for window envelopes 

GRÜNPERGA Papier GmbH manufactures transparent glassine for window envelopes. It meets the Deutsche Post (German postal service) requirements for machine readability as well as the French standard NF 316. 

With paper from GRÜNPERGA you are on the safe side: from both, the environmental and economic point of view.