The miracle of crepe paper – Top tips for basket filters

Sometimes, we don’t even know what we are doing right. Our customers tell us: 

  • Into the microwave? Ideally with Grünperga crepe paper
  • Recycle deep-frying oil. After frying, pour the used oil through a sieve lined with crepe paper.
  • Use it as an excellent cover for food in the microwave.
  • Stop flower pots from leaking by inserting a layer of filter paper.
  • Also great for polishing shoes. Roll a filter into a ball.
  • Protect your ice lolly – insert it through a hole in a coffee filter.
  • Use it in the bathroom. It is great at stopping shaving nicks.
  • Mix soil and wild flower seeds together, place the clod in a filter, moisten and lay the “flower bomb” in the ground.

 More tips coming soon!

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