Grease-proof paper, previously also known as substitute parchment, is a natural talent. It protects packages and sells items with minimum environmental pollution. It can be precisely modified, which makes it popular for use with foods of all kinds: as inserts and transport packaging for fresh sausage and cheese, as safe cushioning for sweets and even as sturdy muffin and baking forms.

GRÜNPERGA’s grease-proof paper is breathable, unscented and unflavored, flexible, smooth and allows for stable shaping, all at the same time. It is very easily printed, coated and processed. And this GRÜNPERGA paper is an ideal alternative to plastics, too.

naturally – offers protection.

GRÜNPERGA – Flex Top (grease proof)
ideal as packaging paper for greasy products, suitable for manufacturing fine flutes (protection) | 35 - 90 g/m2

GRÜNPERGA – Flex Top (wet strength)
outstanding packaging basis for humid packaged goods | 35 - 90 g/m2

GRÜNPERGA – Flex Super Top (wet-strength, grease-proof)
extremely suitable product for humid and greasy food | 35 - 90 g/m2

GRÜNPERGA – Flex Super Top Spezial
same quality standard as Super Top, with reduced water absorption | 35 - 90 g/m2

GRÜNPERGA – FLEX Super Top Spezial Easy Slide
perfectly suitable for pastry cups, surface with “Easy Slide” properties | 35 – 90 g/m2