Glassine made a big splash as a candy bag.

The sheets between photo-album pages will probably go down in history, too.

Today, these whisper-thin flexible membranes are popular in modern packaging.

These fine special papers are suitable for many new and exciting applications in the food and processing industry.

The luxury glassine products have an especially sophisticated look when combined with a spiderweb, linen or iris texture. They are used for packaging high-quality chocolate truffles, for instance.

Glassine is lightweight and flexible; it allows optimal printing with every process; it can be creased, cut, embossed and glued with perfect precision, and is especially well-suited for layering and lamination.

It is pure, breathable, translucent, flavorless and naturally grease-proof.

naturally – with a brilliant appearance.

Our Glassines

GRÜNPERGA – Kristall Standard
for flexible packaging, lamination, candy packaging, envelopes | 30 - 115 g/m2

GRÜNPERGA – Kristall Standard w/s (wet strength)
for flexible packaging, for humid products, e.g. flowers | 30 - 80 g/m2

GRÜNPERGA – Kristall Klar
for flexible packaging, suitable as lamination for manufacturing high-quality composite materials | 30 - 60 g/m2

GRÜNPERGA – Super Klar
for envelope windows, medicine packaging, transparent covers | 32 - 40 g/m2

GRÜNPERGA – Kristall Prägo
for albums, pastry and chocolate packaging; embossing patterns: linen, silkworm, spider | 30 - 60 g/m2

GRÜNPERGA – Kristall Natur (unbleached)
for food packaging, e.g. baking pans | 30 - 115 g/m2

GRÜNPERGA – Kristall Kalaver
for laminations, soft and flexible glassine quality | 35 - 50 g/m2

GRÜNPERGA – Kristall Color
in black and brown for sweets and exclusive packaging, bolsters, chocolate cups | 30 - 115 g/m2

GRÜNPERGA – Kristall Easy Slide
special surface finishing allows for better punching properties and easy separation | 30 - 115 g/m2

GRÜNPERGA – Kugelpapier (coloured)
in black and brown, not calendered, very flexible, perfectly suitable for forming | 30 - 60 g/m2