GRÜNPERGA Crepe Paper feels soft and smooth, and it is amazingly firm despite being very absorbent.
It can also expand by up to 15 percent. Crepe paper is easy to cut, emboss and glue. It is elastic, acts as a cushion, quickly absorbs moisture and retains it. The finest types are most suitable for use as bathroom tissue, paper filters, cleaning cloths and coffee filters. Higher grammages are used for technical purposes and as outstanding, shock-absorbent packaging. The grammage, absorbency and firmness can also be modified.

naturally – it clearifies a lot.

GRÜNPERGA - Coffee-filter paper
unscented and flavorless for coffee filters | 40 – 58 g/m2
a many-faceted filter paper for technical applications, for household use and for use in the food, for medical and agricultural industry – the application determines the quality parameters | 60 – 120 g/m2
GRÜNPERGA - Bathroom tissue
suitable for paper hand towels, wet wipes, milking hygiene and the medical industry | 35 – 75 g/m2
GRÜNPERGA - Natron crepe
with many applications, for flexible packaging and interleaving sheets in the non-food area | 35 – 75 g/m2