The factory in the village Grünhainichen, situated in the Ore Mountains region with abundant forests and water, dates back to the year 1880, when the company Siegel & Haase was established. A few years earlier, the Saxon machinist and inventor Friedrich Gottlob Keller had developed the groundwood pulp process, which is commonly used until these days. Wood replaced the rags used back then as a raw material and made mass production of paper possible in the first place.

In 1890 the company started to manufacture writing and printing paper and over the course of the years, paper types changed.

From 1972, production in Grünhainichen included fine glassine and substitute parchment paper.

Since 2001, when GRÜNPERGA Papier GmbH was established as a company inside of Golzern Holding, the enterprise has experienced dynamic growth. In 2004, the portfolio was supplemented by crepe paper. Since that time, two paper machines are running around the clock.

The high-quality specialty papers with their multi-faceted applications are in high demand with customers around the globe, who appreciate the reliable and innovative cooperation with GRÜNPERGA.

GRÜNPERGA – we represent paper experience and generations of tradition.


Paper production is still a craft, however, it has long since shifted to high-tech. It requires a great deal of expertise because paper is a very sensitive natural product. In all, it takes a three-year apprenticeship to become a paper technologists. And once you have grown into the task, the job really gets a hold on you.

The GRÜNPERGA team offers a wealth of experience and tradition because the "paper manufacturer" genes are often passed on over generations. More than 100 employees manufacture about 17,000 tons of paper each year. The equipment is kept up-to-date and we use the latest technologies and materials from the fields of mechanical engineering and control technology. The machines can be quickly retooled for varying paper characteristics.

Our team of paper professionals uses sophisticated machines and the latest technology:

Technical equipment Working widths
2 Fourdrinier machines 200…215 cm
1 Supercalender 210 cm
2 Reel slitters 220 cm
1 Embossing calender 115 cm
2 Narrow reel slitter 100/130 cm
1 Cross-cutter 130 cm

Special GRÜNPERGA papers are produced with a widely varying range of usage and processing characteristics – at top speed, with optimal reproducibility of the paper characteristics and low energy consumption.


By nature, paper is a sustainable product. GRÜNPERGA is putting sustainability into practice – with a production that is viable for the future. All emission-related statutory requirements are fully complied with. Our paper varieties can be recycled and composted without any problems. With a clear conscience, we supply paper certified to FSC® and PEFC™ schemes. GRÜNPERGA paper is food-safe.

- A company-owned ultra-modern heat generation plant supplies steam for paper drying

- The waste heat from our paper machines is re-used for air preheating

- We recycle all unused paper scraps

- GRÜNPERGA paper is a sustainable alternative to plastic

GRÜNPERGA paper has an unrivalled eco factor. It is made 100 % of virgin fibre from sustainably managed forests and can be recycled and composted.